2014 BCYC Pursuit Race – 8th June 2014

Excellent turnout of 15 boats for the Pursuit race comprising 3 Lasers, a 505, an Enterprise,  7 Dart 18s, a Hobie Tiger, a Laser Stratos and an RS Feva. Alas both regular Achilles 24s were absent, as was Molly – last years 3rd placed sportsboat.

With the forcast 10 knot breeze absent for 800m from the Knab, many entrants failed to make the mid-bay startline at their  appointed start time. It was testamount to the skill of the Race Committee of Alyson Dacey, assisted by Simon Jenkins that that positioned the course in the only part of the Bay with decent wind.

Light airs was the real challenge, and for the second year in sucession (albeit with a different boat) Simon Brewer took the honours, by 300m over Anthony Harvey in his Laser, holding off Steve & Sam Ace in their Enterprise by a further 300 m.

All 3 boats were on the same down wind leg.  Tony Rees was 1st Dart 18 home, 100m behind the Enterprise.

Colin Jenkins was 1st BCYC boat home, and presented with  a trophy by Alex  Ley that had originally been donated to the BCYC (and lost until recently) by his Great Grandndfather.

All photographs courtesy of and ©Simon Jenkins.

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