BCYC Pursuit Race 9th June 2018

1st Place Chris and Pippa, MYC (RS 200)

2nd Place Rhian Chase, MYC (Laser intermediate)

3rd Place, Harry Pressdee, MYC (Topper)

1st BCYC Boat: Paul Nicholson and Paul Hemsworth (F18)



2014 Small Cruiser Open Series

14/05/2014 Race 1

1st Place: Jeff Ace Breizh, Achilles 24

2nd Place:  R.ichard Woffinden Archimedes, Achilles 24

28/05/2014 Race 2

1st Place:  Richard Woffinden Archimedes, Achilles 24

2nd Place: Jeff Ace Breizh, Achilles 24

11/06/2014 Race 3

1st Place:  Alyson Dacey Optimist, Achilles 24

2nd Place  Ria Woffinden Archimedes, Achilles 24

25/06/2014 Race 4

1st Place: John Jenkinson Rosie

2nd Place: Alyson Dacey Optimist, Achilles 24

3rd Place:  Richard Woffinden, Archimedes, Achilles 24

DNS Ostreme, Jaffa & Tree