The Rules of the Bristol Channel Yacht Club are reviewed annually and any changes agreed at the Annual General Meeting. However, if you notice anything that looks strange e.g. a typo, please contact

The main body of these Rules was approved by the membership at an E.G.M. on 31st May 1991.

The Rules were amended at General Meetings held as follows:

AGM 17th June 1994: Corporate membership
AGM 2nd June 1995: Gender (Rule 1.2)
AGM 14th June 1996: Powers of Committee (Rule 13.1.6)
AGM 21st May 1998: Flag Officers voting rights (Rule 2.1.1) and Associate Membership (Rule 6.9)
GM 19th November 2002: Sale of intoxicating liquor (Rule 18.3)
AGM 26th March 2004: Dissolution (Rule 24)
AGM 15th June 2007: Designation (Rule 3), Membership communications (Rule 5.3), General meetings (Rule 16.3) and Dissolution (Rule 24)
AGM 16th May 2008: Payment of entrance fee and subscription (Rule 9.5)
AGM 17th April 2013: A review of the entire rule book. Substantive changes were: Rule 5 to reflect the provisions of the Data Protection Act, Rule 6.4 to more accurately reflect current mobility, Rule 6.9 to provide an opportunity for a member’s widow who was an Associate Member to continue to enjoy the facilities of the Club, Rule 10 to ensure fairness and reflect custom and practice elsewhere and Rule 24.1.3 to ensure that Honorary Members who had been Full Members would not be disadvantaged in a dissolution.
AGM 24th May 2019: The Honorary Auditor (Rule 21, including 21.1, 21.2 and 21.3)
AGM 23rd June 2020: Associate membership (Rule 6.9), Scheduling of AGM (Rule 15.1), Scheduling of financial reports and accounts (Rules 22.3 and 22.4)

AGM 30th August 2023: AGM format to include the option of physical, hybrid or online (Rule 15.2)