Battle of the Titans

There they stood, Giants of the Green Baize, flexing their muscles, ready to do battle.  Gotterdammerung confronts the Group of Death !!

First up, John Morse faced Greg Morgan.  As is so often the case, it was the final black ball that decided the match, and it was Greg who potted it.

Next, our 5 times Champion, Jeff Evans, faced Mark Jenkins.  A thrilling, fast paced, high scoring frame ensued.  So fast paced, indeed, that the marker and ref (moi – LG) found that it was necessary to sprint around the table to replace the colour, back to the scoreboard to record the score, only to find, on turning around that Jeff had already potted the next red and was lining up a colour !!

Early on Jeff made up the handicap and established a useful lead, but Mark steadied the ship with an effective combination of potting and safety play.  Ultimately Jeff needed the final pink to win, and had a thin cut to pot it into the middle pocket.  He went for it (of course) but failed to make contact.  Mark potted pink, and finally, the black to win a notable victory.

Finally, Greg squared up against Mark.  This was a very different frame from Mark’s previous frame against Jeff, much more considered, a lot more tactical play, and in the early stages, much less potting, but no less intriguing.  As the frame proceeded, however, Mark went into a useful lead and steadily increased it, eventually running out a convincing winner.

The result of all this activity is that Mark and Greg have each won two matches.  Mark having beaten Greg, is top of the Group, Greg runner-up.  There is one match to play between Mark and John, but the result cannot affect the final positions.

So in the top half of the draw, the quarter final matches will be

  • David Thomas v Greg Morgan
  • Mark Jenkins v Lawrence Griffiths.

    In the bottom half of the draw in Group C, Eiddon and Peter have each won two games.  Outstanding matches are Bob Wigley v Eiddon, and Bob v Alan Bevan.  If Bob wins both he will be top and Eiddon  runner-up.  If Eiddon beats Bob he will be top and Peter runner-up.  If no further matches are played before the deadline, (Saturday 16th November) Eiddon will be top and Peter runner-up.  Paul and Alyson await in the quarter finals.

Snooker update – November 4th

On Saturday, in a close well contested match, Jeff beat John (Morse) in Group A.  There are still four matches to play in this group.  As at present Greg would be top and Jeff runner-up.

Group B winner, Dai Thomas, will next play the Group A runner-up.  Lawrence Griffths will play the Group A winner.

In Group C Peter Harrison played, and beat, Bob Wigley, so the position here, with two matches still to play, is that Eiddon and Peter have each won two.  Eiddon beat Peter so he is top, at present, and Peter is runner-up.  Bob Wigley could still spring a surprise if he plays and wins both his remaining matches.

Group D was decided long ago.  Paul is top, Alyson runner-up.

DEADLINE.    Group stages began in early September and have now been running for 9 weeks.  All Group matches must be completed by SATURDAY 16th November.  Any matches which have not been played by then will not count.  That should give sufficient time for the Quarter-finals, Semi’s, and the Final to be completed before the Christmas Snooker Dinner and Presentation of the Trophy on Wednesday 18th December.  Please note the date in your diaries, and sign up for the Dinner with Greg, in person at the Club, by phone (366000) or at

BCYC Snooker Tournament Draw 31 August 2019

The draw for this year’s BCYC Snooker Tournament will take place at 12:30 on Saturday 31st August at the Clubhouse.

Those in the draw have been contacted. If you haven’t received an email and wish to enter please contact Greg, Tina or Lawrence