New research – group percentages – tournament statistics… and an update

Analysis by our snooker stats department now reveals the group percentage completion rates for each group:-

Group A.    10%. (One match out of ten).  Simon beat Alyson.  No-one else has played.

Group B.     10%.  Jeremy beat Alan. The rest is silence.

Group C.     40%.   Paul beat Dexter, Lawrence beat Dexter, Jeff beat Paul.  And in a dramatic tussle on Wednesday evening, Dexter played Jeff, who has won the title no less than four times.  Dexter himself is a three times BCYC Champion – I well remember him beating me in the 2004 final

The match was evenly contested in the early stages, and Jeff quietly eroded the handicap, but in the latter stages a dramatic change occurred.  Suddenly Dexter was transformed in stature and confidence.  He potted a red, followed by the blue, another red, the black, and another red.  A 15 point break !!  Jeff was on the ropes, but recovered and when he potted the final blue it put him favourite with one point ahead and just pink and black left.  Dexter drew himself up to his full height.  The pink was a difficult long pot into the yellow pocket.  It didn’t touch the sides.  Roars of hysterical applause, from the crowd!!  Black ball game! Then a hush, as he approached the black.  A difficult angled shot from distance.  Without hesitation he confidently put it into the heart of the pocket. The handicap Committee was appalled!  How can a player on a handicap of 20 play like that?  Maybe, as they say, form is temporary, class is permanent.  Shades of 2004, I thought.

This group is moving. Everyone except John (Morse) has played at least once, and more matches are slated.

Group D.  16% (one match out of 6). Greg beat Mark.  This Group also contains previous Champions, namely Peter Harrison, who has arranged to play in the coming week, and the current Champion, David Thomas.

DEADLINES.  No deadline has yet been imposed for completion of the Group stages, but this is under active consideration.  Please play, if you wish to participate.  Greg has phone numbers, email addresses are in this email.  Play at any time, please arrange with Greg.  Tournament matches take precedence over any other use of the table.


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