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2014 Snooker Champion - Jeff Evans

There were 16 entrants for the 2014 Snooker Tournament, with the draw set out as below:-


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Lawrence Griffiths +7

Colin Jenkins scratch

Bob Wigley +28

Simon Brooks +7

Eiddon Davies +7

John Morse scratch

Ken Thomas +35

Paul Nicholson +21

Alyson Dacey +21

Jeff Evans scratch

Simon Jenkins +14

Alan Bevan +35

Jeremy Clayton +14

Dextor Ford +14

Robert Craven +21

Peter Harrison +14

Chrissy Harrison +14

Keith Wheeler scratch

“Group D has seen one more match played since my last email, in which Paul Nicholson beat Keith Wheeler.  So Paul has played two won one, Peter ( Harrison) has played two won two, and Keith has lost one match.  The Chairman has also played one lost one.

One further match has been played in Group C.  Simon Jenkins, having beaten Chrissy, lost to Robert Craven.  In this Group Bob Wigley and Ken Thomas have not yet put cue to ball and no less than 7 Group matches remain to be played.

Group B (the Group of death) has seen no new action at all.  Jeff Evans is the front runner having beaten current Champion Colin Jenkins and Dexter Ford,  in the two matches which have taken place.

Group A, on the other hand is nearly complete.  One match only remains to be played, between Eiddon Davies and Alyson Dacey.  One Lawrence Griffiths recently beat Jeremy Clayton, has won the group, and will meet the runner-up in Group B.  Runner-up spot in Group A will be taken by Alyson Dacey regardless of the result of the outstanding match because should she win she will go through having won two matches, while if she loses she will go through as the highest handicapped player in a three-way tie between herself, Eiddon, and Jeremy, all having won one match.

Groups B, C and D, please hit the baize !!


Unfortunately, Webmaster has lost LG’s report on the Final, so it leaves me to congratulate Jeff Evans on becoming the BCYC 2014 Snooker Champion.