Bristol Channel Yacht Club
Founded 1875

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In 1897, Captain Davies and Rose Richards supervised the fitting out of  2 smaller yachts, the yachts to be ready by 1st April. The hire charge was 7/6. Cups, as prizes were donated by Flag Officers, the Chairman and in 1896, by the Mumbles Regatta Committee. The following races were organised and there was considerable discussion, at committee, as to the terms and conditions of the races.

Race 1: Open no restriction as to crew, the best helmsman.

Race2: Open Race for best helmsman not more than one other of the members, called an old sailing hand to be shipped, as crew.

Race 3: Novice race for best helmsman, members classed as Senior helmsman to be excluded from competition. Not more than 1 of the members classed as old sailing hands to be shipped, as crew.

Race 4: Crews race 2 members to sail in each boat no restriction as to which steers. Each of the crew to receive a prize.

Race 5: Single handed race 1 man in each boat; starting from moorings. No entrance fee 7/6 hire charge.

In 1908, pre season, there was a meeting of those interested in the Swansea Bay Handicap Amateur Sailing Races. In 1909, it was noted in the press, that members of the newly formed Swansea Bay Sailing Club had 17 yachts. The Commodore of the S.B.S.C. was Captain Naerup with Mr S. Burgess Vice Commodore and Mr W.G. Mason as Rear Commodore. The first annual dinner took place in the George, during October.