Bristol Channel Yacht Club
Founded 1875

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Many members of the BCYC, in the early years, enjoyed playing cards, or billiards in the clubhouse. In 1906, world billiards champion John Roberts Jnr. played a few exhibition matches at the clubhouse. 30 members paid 10/6 to watch. John Roberts Jnr. is widely recognised as having introduced snooker into England and subsequently helped to popularise the game. In later years, snooker became popular at the BCYC and an annual handicap tournament continues to the present day.


At the turn of the century Lord Dunraven was winning trophies nationally. A few members of the BCYC were yacht owners and they sailed for the Dunraven Challenge Cup, the Richardson Cup and the Vice-Commodore's Cup. An interesting insight into the organisation of local yachting, in Swansea Bay, is provided by the minute book of the BCYC sailing committee, kept during the period 1897-1907. The sailing committee consisted of The Earl of Dunraven, Cory Yeo, J.P Rose Richards, Islay Young, Roger Beck, J Clarke Richardson, Talfour Strick, E.H. Bowers, Vaughan Davies, Le Boulanger and P. Langdon Thomas.

Colin Jenkins, our 2013 Snooker Champion.