Bristol Channel Yacht Club
Founded 1875

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The formation of the BCYC and the early days

The popularity of yacht racing with large crowds assembling to watch and the success of the 1874 Regatta inspired officers and friends of the sport to hold a public meeting so that yachting could be formally organised.

The meeting was held at the Castle Hotel in Wind Street, Swansea on 24th February 1875 to promote a new yacht club. (The Castle Hotel was patronised largely by gentlemen connected with shipping as well as those of the commercial world in general) It was agreed at the meeting that a yacht club be formed to be called the Bristol Channel Yacht Club and the station to be at The Mumbles; that the new yacht club be amalgamated with the Mumbles Billiard Club and that the affairs of the club be managed by a Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and a committee.

The joining fee to be ½ guinea and the annual subscription 1 guinea. The aim of the club was the encouragement of sailing and racing in Swansea Bay and various places in the channel.

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Photograph of the racing in Swansea Bay in 1926, taken from the yacht Westwood.

Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters racing in Swansea Bay May  2010. Photo by Paul Nicholson.